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Businesses on the Internet today can rise and fall with the power of search. To survive in this search-based economy, a business must be able to be found easily on google search, have a location in Bing maps to navigate too, and a phone number that can be easily brought up in a yellow-pages query.

The problem is that the format of the web is also changing — changing from the once-static HTML and hyperlink model to a sleeker dynamic page model, where many factors can determine the type of content being shown, whether it’s videos, downloads, pictures, flash animations, or plain HTML.

This dynamic aspect of the web can make it difficult for search engines to find and index your website, because search engines don’t try to input values or guess how to find the page. Search engines only follow links inside of pages, an activity known as "crawling”.

Crawling dynamic pages is difficult and can even hurt search ratings if there is an error in the site. This is where Search Engine Optimization Software (SEO) comes in.

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