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"Email is cheap!" "Social media is free!"

These two statements are reasons why many marketers are forced by their management (the ones making these statements) to send as many messages to the same set of consumer as possible - wrote Sundeep Kapur on Smart Data Collective.

There is value in focusing, personalizing, and reducing the amount of messages sent to consumers. Don't send everybody the same offer, don't mail them all at the same time either. Here are a dozen ideas to help you with simple segmentation:

  • Message type
  • Timing
  • Operational Segentation
  • Transactional Segmentation
  • Buyer/ non-buyer
  • Source-Code Segmentation
  • The "Brad” Segment
  • The Betting Pool
  • Exclusive/ Top Dogs
  • Sniff and Pow
  • Tuesday/ Thursday Segment
  • A:B Random split


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