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There’s lots of advice out there for what to do in optimizing websites for local businesses, yet day after day, we see some of the same bad practices continue to be perpetuated in bad web designs. So, at the risk of sounding like a broken record, here’s a reminder of some basic things NOT to do if you want your local business site to perform well with search engines and consumers.


  • Don’t Use Vanity Numbers
  • Don’t Put Your Local Phone Number Within A Graphic Image
  • Don’t Forget To Update Your Copyright Date
  • Avoid Making A Flash-only Website
  • Don’t Use "Click Here” For Your Link Text
  • Don’t Let Your Website Sit Vacant
  • Don’t Let Your Homepage Serve Up An Error Or Let Your Domain Expire
  • Don’t Neglect To Pay Your Site Designer Or Host
  • Don’t Allow Music To play By Default On Your Website
  • Don’t Put Addresses & Phone Numbers In Fine Print

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