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Admit it, every once and again - maybe more - you check to see how many friends are still in your Facebook stable-just to make sure that shiny new number isn’t down by a few.

It’d be great if all our buds hung on our every post, but sadly that’s not always the case. These days it seems everyone is clearing out the clutter when it comes to Facebook friends and, friend_list ccsurprise, you may be on that list.

Here are some clues that you’re about to be removed from someone’s friend list:

  1. Minus One… Or More Friends
  2. You can’t view your friend’s wall posts
  3. Ignored friend request
  4. You’ve been blocked.
  5. You are not allowed to view photo albums
  6. Can't see who else you might know on friend's list
  7. Friend's list without your name on it
  8. Never receive a comment
  9. Tracking friends
  10. They removed your name by accident

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Until recently, many chief marketing officers were only focused on gathering millions of Facebook fans - says All Facebook. The next phase is all about building relationships with them online.

Here are seven ways CMOs can tap their Facebook fanbases for customer relationship management.

  1. Build A Single Database
  2. Prioritize Engagements
  3. Identify Your Most Important Fans
  4. Give Value To Your Fans
  5. Tie In Your Other Loyalty Programs
  6. Communicate The Value You Offer
  7. Measure Return On Investment

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You’ve done the hardest parts of writing a blog post: Gotten the reader to your site, evoked a strong enough emotion to make them feel they need to add to the discussion and leave a comment, and they submit it and see this:

"Your comment is awaiting moderation”

"Your comment is awaiting approval”

"You need to register first”

Congratulations, you’ve just halted the conversation on your post.

For the most part, moderation is used to stop spam from appearing not necessarily to censor comments, but you’re hurting the voice of the very people that can be your biggest evangelists.


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